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Kona One Club

Dear Customer,

Kona Windsurfing is now Kona Sports. This site and its content will be moved to a new site ( in quarter one of 2021.

Important for you to know is that we still are the same team with the same passion for windsurfing and SUP as before. Our ambition is to improve our presence on the web so it will be easier for you to learn about us, our products, and to buy from us online. Our first step has been to introduce a swedish site This site is in swedish and currently offer online sales and shipment for customers in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark. If you are from another country please contact us using phone +46 141 217070 or email and we will help you.

Important information regarding Kona One. You can still order Kona One equipment from However, don’t hesitate to contact us directly using email above for your questions or order. We will help you! We also recommend you to have a look at the Kona One Club site There you find information about upcoming Kona One events and more.

If you want to learn more about our SUP boards and prefer another language than swedish please use Google Translate on the site We apologize for this inconvenience and we will have a English site up an running during the coming autumn/winter ready for the season 2021.

Meanwhile, please enjoy this site, and

and we hope to hear from you or even see you at a SUP or Kona One event this summer or fall.

best regards

the Kona Sports Team


Kona One sail (Kona Worlds 2019)

Kona One complete package

Kona One board (Gen II)

Kona One rig (Kona Worlds 2019)


Daggerboard gasket Kona One

Washer for footstrap


Kona Windsurfing & Stand up paddleboards is all about love for water, active lifestyle and a relaxed attitude. Our history goes back to the golden era of windsurfing when community was at the heart. We have taken the best from those experiences into where we are today and where we are going.

We only aim for top quality with our products. Timeless lifestyle design always guides us simply because we are convinced that good looking boards are more fun to ride or paddle and will be used for longer time. Our business model enables us to offer high quality to very competitive prices.


Kona was founded 2006 in Sweden as windsurfing company, but paddle boarding dates to the company’s origin. Already then Kona boards were used for paddle boarding. Ever since, these initial experiences have guided us in the development of new products, inflatable as well as hard paddle boards.

Our call to you is: Get on board! You will not regret it.

Our mission is simple – more sailors and paddlers on the water having more fun than ever before.


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