Kona One complete package (Kona Worlds 2018)

18,990 kr21,590 kr

Use 5-6 days at the World Championship in the United States on 26th of October -2th November 2018 ship home after you book it, the condition is mint condition of the new updated 2019 year model.

Your order must be as soon as possible, there is a limited number of equipment and will be allocated in order

The equipment will be delivered in first quater in 2019

Select sailor-weight to get the right sail size.

Your weight < 65 kg select sail size 7.4 or 6.6 Your weight < 75 kg select sail size 7.8 Your weight < 85 kg select sail size 8.2 Your weight < 98 kg select sail size 9.0 Your weight > 98 kg select sail size 9.8

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The set includes:
Board 2019 (updated), Sail 2019, Mast 2019, Boom 2019, Extension 2019, Uphaul 2019

All rigs supplied with the Kona insignia and graphics. Masts, booms and extensions are of superior quality and carefully tuned to fit the sail sizes. All spars come with Kona labels.

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