Spark rig

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Introducing balanced power

When the Kona Windsurfing team began the development of a new school sail line the ambition was clear – create the best school sail ever.

To achieve the goal Tinho Dornellas was given the responsibility to head the development process, putting his 30 years of professional windsurfing experience into the process.

The sail design is built upon Tinho’s unique concept of “balanced power”. Kona Spark has a unique sail plan shape.

The goal is to shorten the mast and produce as much power as possible, for each sail size, targeting each sailorweight and size with the proper sail so they can experience “balanced power” as soon as possible. It makes the board surge in speed without any effort. It means that performance and enjoyment goes hand in hand and ultimately results in a fast learning curve. It is exclusively made of x-ply which makes it stronger and lighter.

Kona Spark rigging from Kona Windsurfing on Vimeo.

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4 kg for 1.5 up to 7 kg for 5.0

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