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Exploring the nature

Our inspiration came from the enjoyment of being able to explore the Swedish Islands by paddle. Archipelago is a fusion of the success from our race and downwind boards.  The stable characteristics of Ocean together with the glide of Numinous were combined to design the ultimate touring board.  Archipelagos deck area and unique shape is specially designed to carry supplies and touring equipment. The construction is a tough however lightweight premium glass technology using Ultra-Light EPS Core. The board has structural Uni directional stringers to increase stiffness and gliding sensation.  




Riders features  

Leash and Camera Mounts 

The board comes with leash plugs forward and aft for your choice and length of leash. It also comes with a gopro mount in the mid nose area to capture all your action. 


Ocean is supplied with top quality EVA deck pads, designed specifically for comfort. 

Training Storage 

The board comes with an elastic and cord system both forward and aft to allow you to stow away clothing and equipment as and when you need it. 

Designers Notes 

The design combines an “adjusted” Ocean outline and Numinous’s rocker, this makes the board stable and low resistance.  It incorporates a deep central channel that is designed to assist stability and forward tracking.  The bow is an aero shape to help with cross-wind paddling and keep the board tracking forward, the deck is lowered using hydrostatic stability programs to place at its minimal height. This makes the board extremely stable. The rails are relatively high for a touring board to keep water from coming in and therefore keep the deck dry.   The deck gradually transitions to a raised tail, the gradual transition allows you to move up and down the board smoothly and the raised tail helps surf small waves along with keeping water out.

Drainage Holes 

Drainage holes are positioned with a down and negative aft angle to minimise water coming back in.  The deck is slightly raised in the middle to promote water to the drainage holes.




The board is designed using an ultra-light CNCed EPS core compressed with a heat moulded carbon fibre laminate. This is a unique technique that creates an extremely light and tough construction that can withstand all the action in a racing environment. The boards epoxy to fibre ratio is carefully controlled by our approved factory’s which give the maximum stiffness to weight ratio. The finish is a light weight paint and clear coat finish for smooth water flow.


The board is designed using an ultra-light CNCed EPS core, compressed with a heat moulded Glass fibre laminate.  This is a unique technique that creates an extremely light and tough construction that can withstand the demands of exploration. The boards epoxy to fibre ratio is carefully controlled by our approved factory’s which give the maximum stiffness to weight ratio.  There is a central Uni directional glass stringer which adds to the stiffness of this board and helps with gliding efficiency. The finish is a light weight paint. 

Heat Moulded technology makes Kona Boards Glass Fibre laminate lighter, stronger and tougher than the market Standard.  


Fin Design 

The board comes with a Honey comb fibreglass fin, that is optimised for forward tacking and low drag.  The fin box is US 10 inch box that allows the rider to customise there setup depending on their riding style. 

Comparison and Hydrostatics

Applying Naval Architecture principles the stability of the boards can be analysed and simply compared. 

Using a unique stability number, you can work out what size boards are right for you and use this across all our new boards coming out.

Our stability number is a formula that considers all aspects of stability, including the deck position, centre of gravity, volume distribution, width, and weight.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Archipelago sizes

14.0 x 27.0


Carbon, Hybrid


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