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2006 the first Kona board was used for paddle boarding. Ever since then we have developed our know-how about making paddle boards. We are a proud Swedish company deeply rooted in Scandinavian design and quality. We aim to offer outstanding experiences on the water – over generations.

Today we offer a full range of inflatable and hard paddle boards for all kind of paddlers and conditions. We have taken our successful models one step further, listening to our community. The boards have been improved in every detail and new models have been added. To further simplify we have divided our boards into different concepts that all meet different needs. Be welcome to use the board selector further below to find the board that fit your need best.

New for 2019 are the training boards Numinous, Ocean, and Archipelago developed by our head designer Sam Sills. Those boards are made for excercise, aiming to create a new category within paddle boarding. The boards have extraordinary stability and are made for performance.

The inflatable technology continues to evolve. We only work with the best manufacturers. For the 2019 models we offer stiffer and lighter boards thanks to the cutting-edge technology that is used. We also offer hard boards of top quality for anything from serious training to wind-SUP and flat-water recreational paddling.

GET ON BOARD and enjoy the time on the water!



Numinous – Born from Kona’s Scandinavian DNA, Numinous is designed to race. Specifically, for sprinting and long distance.

Ocean – Inspired on North Cornwall’s Atlantic coast, Ocean is shaped to perform. With a smart design behind a Scandinavian minimalist approach this board is dedicated to downwind conditions and stability in rough waves.

Archipelago – Our inspiration came from the enjoyment of being able to explore the Swedish Islands by paddle. Archipelago is a fusion of the success from our race and downwind boards.


Active – The perfect choice for the beginner and a board to grow with. The Active boards are stable and yet fun. They are perfect for fitness training as well as yoga sessions. With the Active line the paddler can even be introduced to light wave riding. To increase the versatility the Active boards are equipped with windsurfing attachments.

Cruiser – The Cruiser concept is developed for paddlers seeking adventure and explore longer distances. The Cruiser boards are equipped with packing straps. It is also a great choice for fitness training thanks to it slim shape.


The team building consists of endless possibilities. The boards can easily carry up eight paddlers or more for an exploration or a competition with a second team making this the perfect team building activity. The boards are equipped with windsurfing attachments to extend the line of use. The team building concept is perfect for rental establishment, windsurfing and paddling clubs and many more.


Namaste – When Namaste was developed the ambition was to take paddle board yoga one step further and truly capture the spirit of yoga. We carefully listened to the experiences of our paddle board and yoga community and paired that with our own design expertise. The result was Namaste, specifically designed for yoga and fitness activities.

Kona Yoga and Fitness Concept was introduced in 2015. It was immediately met with great enthusiasm. It has since been used in indoor pools as well as outdoor in lakes or in the see.


Mountain – This is the board for the paddler seeking adventure in the mountains. The light weight make it easy to carry during a hike in the mountain and to inflate next to a mountain lake. It is equipped with five shorterfins that will sustain contact with rocks when riding white water. All stiches have further extra reinforcement to make this a durable board also in hard conditions.


Aloha – The Aloha-concept has been developed to be extremely durable. Rental establishments will find a board that suits their needs of a strong and stable board that can be used repeatedly. Thanks to its soft rails it is highly appreciated by the paddler.


Moloka’i – Moloka’i means wave riding, from the beginner’s first ride in the with water waves taking on the big ones. To extend the use several of the Moloka’i models have been equipped with windsurfing attachment to get a great ride also when the waves are not present.




Many people ask Kona Windsurfing how to paddle a sup-board and therefore we did a film together with Tinho Dornellas from Calema Windsurfing & Water Sports. In the film, we teach you, how to get up on the board, how to keep the balance, how too hold your arms, and how deep you should stick the paddle in the water when you paddle. Tinho also show how to make a quick upturn, “step-turn”, and finally what to consider when falling off the board when surfing in the waves.


Kona operates within the high quality segment. For us this means offering the best possible quality for its given purpose at an affordable price. We use double layer and double wall technology in our boards. We have a smarter gluing process, a critical part of making a high quality board, which is completely machine based. This makes the boards more robust, stiffer, lighter and with an excellent surface finish. Compared to previous years technologies it makes the boards approximately 20 percent stiffer. For some of our inflatables the prerequisites are distinctly different. In those cases we use the most appropriate technology. This is indicated at the presentation of individual boards.

  1. Reinforcement pin line, an extra stabilisation.
  2. second rail layer.
  3. First rail layer.
  4. Outer layer.
  5. First layer, two layer laminate, MBD (Machine Based Drop Stitch).
  6. V-drop stitch core.
  7. Footpad.

 Two layer laminate (MBD).

Single side wall.

 Pin Line.

Technology not currently used.

 Two Layer laminate (MBD).

 Double side wall technology for maximum strength.

Technology used in Active, Cruiser and Namaste.

 Two layer laminate (MBD).

 Double side wall technology for maximum strength.

 Pin line.

Technology used in Moloka’i and Mountain.

 Double layer, top and bottom with 0.55 mm PVC.

 Double side wall technology for maximum strength.

Technology used in Mahalo.


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