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Our crown jewel is still Kona One, a windsurfing board that today is one of the major one-design classes globally approveved by ISAF World Sailing. The ambition when the concept was created was to give it both light wind and high wind qualities. The result is a board that thanks to its unique shape has excellent planing and sub-planing qualities. It is a unique class since boys and girls, men and women compete together thanks to the handicap system with different sail sizes equalizing differences in body weight. We stand strong as a class and continuously attracts new sailors into our global community. Every year the Kona One World Championship marks the peak of the season. And, ten years after Kona One was introduced to the market it was awarded “Brand of the year” in the windsurfing category at SurfExpo in Florida the world’s biggest and longest-running watersport expo. In terms of industry recognition, the award was a landmark.

When the Kona One-concept was introduced it was unique thanks to its simplicity and versatility, for racing and free riding. One board and one sail has ever since attracted young talents as well as seasoned windsurfers, creating a global community built on fair racing paired with great friendship. Every season new sailors and countries are attracted and join the racing community. Children can start with the Kona One board from age 10. The board works fine with sails from size 3.5 m2.



Many that come into the Kona Community goes straight for the Kona One, especially those that have done racing or recreational windsurfing before. For others, it is a step-by-step process to develop the windsurfing skills. We have the boards and rigs the will help you. But, if you are new to windsurfing and don’t know where to start – don’t worry – we will help you. Windsurfing has never been easier to get started with. Our Air Rig, with at weight of only 1,5 kg, that makes testing and learning windsurfing easy and fun. Many of our inflatable paddle boards are equipped with mast foot. Together they make a great package perfect for kids how to learn the basics.

The next step is the spark rig. This is an excellent school and recreational sail. It comes in a practical carry bag and is easy to rig. It makes windsurfing a pleasure. If you have some more experience and ambition you can go for the Kona One board together with a Summer rig. The Summer rig works for persons that weigh up to 75 kgs. This combination makes it possible for you to plane and have your feet in the foot straps if the wind conditions are 7-8 m/s or more.

Remember to always use a life jacket when you windsurf.

Good luck with your windsurfing 🙂

Learn more about the equipment from Mr. Tinho Dornellas, Calema Windsurfing & Watersports, FL, USA, in the videos below;

Kona One board

Kona One rig

Spark rig

Please enjoy some additional inspiration from Kona Windsurfing and our community;

Summer rig

Air rig

Kona One song


Air rig

Spark rig

Summer rig

Kona One rig

Kona One sail

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Dutch Wins Kona One World Championship

Huig-Jan Tak (NED) – World Champion Kona One 2016 Published on November 2nd, 2016 Dutchman Huig-Jan Tak (22 years) won the Kona One World Championship, held October 29 to November 2 in Islamorada, Florida. Huig-Jan secured the title after a thrilling battle with...
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Brand of the year!

Many of you have probably picked up that Kona Windsurfing recently won the prestigious award “brand of the year” within the windsurfing category at SurfExpo, the biggest and longest-running watersport tradeshow in Orlando, Florida. The award was presented by AWSI (the...
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Huig-Jan Tak makes history in the Kona One class

Huig-Jan Tak has been crowned the first ever Under 23 Kona On  2016 world champion. The inaugural Under 23 Kona One World Championships got underway in Malmö, Sweden, and attracted 36 windsurfers from several countries. In three days, sailors who usually compete in...
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